Job Academy

High demand industry
Our Job Academy programmes are a proven pathway for anyone wishing to change career into a high-demand industry. High demand industry

They offer a more cost-effective, flexible and quicker alternative to university, allowing you to continue with your existing job, whilst utilising spare time to get prepared for a new career.
Unlike university, our Job Academy provides paid employment upon completion.

You will study through a blend of eLearning and virtual classrooms, learning both theory as well as practical skills. Practical skills

The courses are delivered by our industry acclaimed trainers who are in constant touch with our employers ensuring that the curriculum is perfectly aligned to the jobs that will be open to you upon completion.

Practical skills
Our Job Academy Programmes

A unique fast-track solution of training and employment into exciting industries

Help fill the skills-shortage of qualified Cyber Security professionals by joining this growing sector.
Learn everything you need to know to embark on a successful career in the IT industry.
Become highly sought after by learning how to deliver solutions using the world’s largest cloud technologies.
Open a wide range of employment and freelance opportunities by becoming an accomplished bookkeeper or accountant.
Recruitment team Recruitment team

With you all the way

Our recruitment team and course coordinators will be on-hand throughout your journey ensuring you remain on track, as well as ensuring you are well prepared to meet your prospective employers.

UK Parliament Industry experts

Finally, to celebrate your hard-work and the launch of a new career, we will welcome you to a prestigious venue for your graduation ceremony.

Lord Taylor

Lord Taylor

Member of Parliament of the UK & Patron of e-Careers
Professor Sir Eric Peacock

Professor Sir Eric Peacock

You will be welcomed by our Patron, Lord Taylor and our Chairman, Sir Eric Peacock creating a life-long memory as well as giving you the opportunity to network and meet prospective employers. Browse our range of Job Academy Programmes
Industry experts
High demand sectors

All of our Job Academy programmes focus on areas where we have a pool of employers ready to employ our talent and in future-proof and high demand sectors.

We have trained candidates who have forged careers at some of the world’s largest organisations. Companies Companies